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Our Firm has been advising generations of business owners on succession planning since 1936. In that time and given our age we have witnessed the ultimate acid test. We have been around to see how accurate that advice turned out to be.  As a result of this experience we can apply decades of tested knowledge together with the latest and most modern techniques to provide reliable solutions to our clients.

Most SME owners are taken up on a day to day basis operating their business and do not have time to plan properly for the future. This is probably why only 1 in 10 surveyed small businesses have a succession plan in place. In addition, even family business now have key non family members operating as part of integral management teams.

Proper succession planning can enhance the value of a business, reduce the tax payable upon transfer and greatly protect its competitiveness as a consequence of the efficiency of the handover.

We provide 80 years of tried and tested experience to our clients coupled with our unique specialty in corporate and business law.

It takes a lifetime to build a business and only a small lack of planning to kill its value. Proper planning means you can concentrate on building that value in the most protected and efficient way possible.

Our partner lead teams mean that there is always an old head on young shoulders. When it comes to trying to predict the future, then experience is always the best guide

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Transferring shares to the next generation

  • Share incentive schemes

  • Advising on the mitigation of tax liabilities

  • Business restructures to accommodate transfers

  • Succession agreements

  • Trust creation

  • Business sales / part sales

  • Family Agreements & Arrangements


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Succession planning is all about “passing the torch” onto the next generation. This can be done in an effective manner provided proper consideration is given to all the relevant issues such as timing, taxation and finances.

Succession planning has a direct impact on cost. We all work hard in our lives and the idea is to maximise the passing of the business not only for the next generation but for oneself. Good succession planning can lead to the most efficient method and thus the greatest financial savings. Money is always better in your pocket than somebody else’s.

There will never be a better time than right now. None of us know the date upon which we might exit the business (particularly if that exit results from death). By engaging in that planning now you have the greatest possible lead time and thus the greatest possible time to conclude an effective strategy.

The first step is reviewing your business and understanding where it wants to get to in the future. Once this is established a plan can be developed in order to try and achieve this with the most efficiency and least cost.


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