Private Equity Investment

Whether you are a private investor, investment fund or management, our team have a wealth of experience and understand the challenges that are involved in private equity transactions.  We understand in particular the significant opportunity private equity investment can bring both companies and to the investors themselves. We combine our corporate and commercial skills as lawyers with a common sense approach which at all times is commercially minded to achieve the best possible outcome in an efficient timescale.

Our team has acted for private companies, investment management teams, private equity teams, venture capital investors and private investors/family business.

“Now is the time for Irish Companies to explore their options. Injections of cash into business is no longer the bastion of Banks.  Private equity can bring more than just money. It can bring experience connections and competitive advantage. Something that Bank lending alone is severely lacking”

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Investment agreements

  • Private Equity Finance agreements

  • Blended finance agreements

  • Security due diligence and Reviews

  • Venture Capital lending and investment

  • Enterprise Ireland Investment

  • EIIS Investment

  • NDAs and Terms sheets

  • Investor Exit


View our frequently asked questions.

Private equity investment is an alternative form of capital from a private individual or private fund which is not listed on the stock exchange.  Basically, it is a good alternative to traditional borrowing from pillar banks.

Equity investment can bring a host of advantages. Parting with equity can in certain circumstances mean that you do not have monthly payments to make like you would with traditional borrowing. In a sense the investors are becoming a quasi partner (usually on a silent basis). This can bring the added advantage of experience, support and contacts

Yes, it is possible to mix traditional borrowing with private investment. Clearly terms would have to be agreed with both your bank and the investor, but this type of investment is not uncommon and is generally referred to as blended finance or a mix of debt & equity.

No. You need however to possess a very strong idea or something that is likely to attract an investor. Often private equity investment can be a much better fit for companies without financial track record which is something that traditional banks would always look for.


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