Residential Purchasing

Buying a house or apartment can be very stressful and is one of the most significant events in a person’s life.

For some of us it represents the biggest financial decision we will ever make. This is not just because we are committing such a large amount of money to a fixed asset but also because of the associated long-term borrowing needed. Most importantly we are taking on a property which will become our home and where our lives will be shaped.

Clarke Jeffers seek to minimise any stress by providing a fast and efficient service, with our client always at the forefront of our work. From the very start we seek to be as open and transparent as possible, with full written fixed quotes provided prior to any work being carried out. We will deal with all legal queries relating to your purchase with the vendors solicitors and also any queries which you might have. It is important to note that there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘silly’ question. Every question you have is important to us.

Our experience in this area means we can identify both potential legal and practical problems which can arise during the course of a purchase.
In line with our commitment to clarity, we will ensure that we communicate clearly and regularly so that there is never a time where a client feels that they don’t know what is happening with their file.

Over the last 80 years we have acted in all types of residential transactions from large scale housing estates and apartment blocks, to individual houses and apartments. We also provide expert advice relating to leasing and licensing of residential property.

Whether you are considering purchasing your first home, buying a holiday home, renting a property (either Landlord or Tenant), or simply investing in bricks and mortar, Clarke Jeffers can guide you safely and successfully through the process.

“Knowing the law as we do helps get the job done properly and quickly. Our eighty years of doing this type of work, makes the clients experience of what can be a stressful matter, much easier.”

-William Clarke, Partner.

Specialist areas include:

  • Purchase and sale of property and lands

  • Auction purchases

  • Voluntary Transfers (no purchase money paid)

  • Leasing (landlord and tenant)

  • Cohabitation agreements

  • Co ownership agreements

  • Title advice

  • Mortgage and refinance

  • Mortgage and refinance

  • Building agreements

  • Boundary disputes

  • Issues pertaining to Rights of Ways and Easements

  • Financing requirements

  • Investment agreements and security


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We provide full written quotations to our clients prior to any work taking place. This quotation will include our professional costs together with all associated outlay. All costs are fully transparent.

It takes roughly 6-8 weeks to carry out a purchase from start to finish. The timeframe is generally dependent on a number of factors. We seek to provide an estimated timeline to our clients as soon as possible at the start of a transaction.

A co-ownership agreement is a legal agreement between two or more people who have purchased or who are in the process of purchasing a property together. The co-ownership agreement is tailored to suit the needs of the people who are buying the property.

Simply put, yes! While there is no legal obligation on you to hire an engineer to prepare a report, we strongly recommend that you do. The reason you should obtain an engineer’s report is if you are buying a second-hand property the seller has no duty to disclose any physical defects in the property to you and you are deemed to purchase the property as it stands. As such, in order to protect yourself you should have the property fully surveyed by a suitably qualified engineer before the contract is signed. We also advise that you should have a report carried out on a new property.

We recommend that you carry out a search in the relevant planning department to establish the planning history of the property which you are purchasing. In addition, the planning search will determine whether any planning permission has been applied for or granted in respect of any adjoining or nearby property which, in your opinion, would affect your purchase. Your engineer will have to provide advice on any results. You retain and pay the engineer directly. As such, we recommend that you agree the engineer’s fees in advance. If you don’t know anyone who would prepare this report, we can recommend someone based on our prior experience.


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