Pension Investment

The benefits of self-administered pensions are well known.  With no capital gains tax payable on investment gains or rental income during the period of the investment, more and more people are choosing this route as the best option for their retirement saving.  In addition, the Irish property market presents strong opportunities for purchasers who are not reliant on lending.

Given the very advantageous tax position existing in such self-administered schemes it goes without saying that they are tightly regulated. Clarke Jeffers have over a decade of experience handling and wrapping these investments both on behalf of individuals and Pensions Trustees. Our knowledge and skill in the area allows us to progress the transaction quickly while providing the maximum level of regulatory knowledge and advice to the client.  This combined with our many decades of experience in property purchasing, sales and property development allows us to bring real competitive advantage to the investment.

We also act for Trustee company’s raising private pension funds for investment.

“A person’s investment in their future requires more than just knowledge of the Law. It requires experience in the area. It requires a more forensic understanding of what needs to be achieved

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

Types of applications can include:

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Pension Trustees

  • Investment wrapping

  • Property purchasing within a self-administered pension

  • Reviewing of investment projects

  • Loan Notes

  • Corporate structures


View our frequently asked questions.

A Self-administered pension is an investment structure that allows you to save for retirement in a tax efficient manner but equally allows you to maintain control over your fund while in retirement.

No. there is no tax paid on rental income through a self-administered pension.  Withdrawals will be subject to the normal tax criteria based on income and age.

You will be required to appoint a Trustee in order to set up your self-administered pension scheme. While you are largely free to make your own investment decisions (subject to regulatory rules) the pension Trustee is needed to guide on regulation, restrictions, and rules.

No, an investment under a self-administered pension must be unconnected and be at arms length.

Other forms of investment are permitted such as advancing a loan or investment into a third-party company or project.


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