Wills and Estates Planning

We consider your will to be one of the most important and vital documents which you will ever sign. Making the best provision for your family or your business now and in the future requires careful financial planning. Through our experienced will drafting team, we advise you on how best to achieve your aims and provide for after you are gone. We give advice in relation to both legal and tax matters affecting trusts and estates so that you can continue helping your loved ones even after your death.

A will should not be seen as a morbid document but should be seen as providing peace of mind and strong protection for your family’s future.  If you want to look at a brighter side, it’s a document that ensures Revenue get the least possible out of you!

“Wills and proper estate planning provide far more than just protection of what’s important. They provide peace of mind.”

-William Clarke, Partner.

Specialist areas include:

  • Drafting of Wills and Codicils

  • Tax Planning.

  • Succession Law and Estate Planning

  • Extraction of Grants of Probate and Grants of Administration

  • Appointment of new Trustees

  • Creation of Settlement and Trusts

  • Variation of Trusts

  • Sales of Property under Probate

  • Probate Disputes

  • General advice in relation to benefits and gifts under wills to all parties

  • Wills and capacity challenges

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Yes! Having a Will ensures that upon your death your estate is dealt with how you had instructed.

We can meet with you and your tax advisors to devise a plan that best suits you. We can then carry out all the legal paperwork necessary to give effect to this plan.

Yes. Your Will can be amended at any stage provided you have the capacity to make such changes. We advise that you should review your will every year to ascertain whether you require any changes to be made.

Yes. We recommend that you inform your executors that you have made a Will and where it is located. However, we recommend keeping the contents of your Will private as they may be changed at any stage.


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