Inward Investment (FDI)

For a small country, Ireland punches well above its own weight in terms of attracting foreign business to establish its operations here.  But there are good reasons for this including:

  • Irelands Corporation tax rate (CT on trading profit is at 12.5%) and is one of the more competitive rates.
  • We are now (post Brexit) the only native English speaking country in the EU.
  • Provision of a specific tax credit for research and Development.
  • taxation treaties with 72 Countries.
  • Common Law Jurisdiction.
  • Fair and balanced employment Laws.
  • Tax relief on assignment of staff from abroad.
  • Advanced Dispute Resolution (Established and specialised fast track Commercial Court)
  • Availability of skilled labour.
  • Ranked 1st globally for investment incentives.

Like all investment, knowing the laws and tax regime is not enough. Having an understanding of both the market and culture is integral.  Clarke Jeffers are based in both Dublin and Carlow and posses a deep understanding of the issues faced by companies locating for the first time in Ireland.  We have worked with locating companies from Europe, China, the USA, Argentina, Russia and Australia over the past 20 years.

In a Covid world, where remote working is encouraged there is no longer a need for companies to locate in large urban hubs such as Dublin. Better infrastructure and communications now mean that the whole country has opened up.  Having an office outside of Dublin puts our Firm in a prime position to best serve these modern companies and provide them with the most relevant advices.

“Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. We combine our skill, 80 years of experience and knowledge to ensure our clients obtain more than just a friendly face. They obtain real competitive edge”

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Business permission applications (outside EEA entities)

  • Immigrant investor programme

  • Company formation

  • Employment advice

  • Ownership of Irish Real Estate

  • GDPR advice

  • Enterprise Ireland Agreements


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Corporation tax on profits from trading income is fixed at 12.5% in Ireland. Nontrading revenue is taxed at 25%. (Subject to certain criteria being met start-ups may be exempt from corporation tax).

Companies originating from outside the European economic area will require a business permission grant from the Irish Government. In order to comply with the requirements your business will be required to create employment (excluding that of your own) for a minimum of two nationals of the European economic area. The business must also add to the competitiveness and commercial activity in in Ireland.

  • The IDA Ireland. Supports a range of companies from small to multinational.
  • Enterprise Ireland. This is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprise.
  • Local enterprise boards. These boards support small businesses with 10 employees are less and provides grants and advice.

The Irish government through the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, have put in place a package of supports to assist businesses impacted by Covid 19. More details can be obtained at


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