Probate and Administration of Estates

At Clarke Jeffers we have highly experienced Solicitors who advise on all aspects of Probate and the Administration of Estates. By applying a high level of attention to detail regarding the goals and needs that you have for your family, we are able to help protect your property and your assets. We have identified that speed is the number one requirement for clients in the administration of an estate. With this in mind we have streamlined our procedures to ensure that all steps in the transaction occur without delay and the client remains informed every step of the way.

Its hard to find more personal work with as much emotion. Being respectful, approachable and most importantly, available, is crucial to the service.”

-William Clarke, Partner.

We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Extraction of Grants of Probate and Grants of Administration

  • Administration of Estates

  • Advice to beneficiaries and/ or family members of their rights in relation to an estate.

  • Contentious probate and administration of estate matters

  • Legal right share entitlement of spouses

  • Right of qualified co-habitants

  • S117 and S121 Applications

  • Probate Disputes

  • Sale of property under probate


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An Estate is the legal terms used to describe the assets, liabilities, right and duties that a person leaves behind them when they die.

Probate is the process of proving the Will. This involves making an application to the District Probate Registry/ Probate Offices. The application is followed in order to obtain a ‘Grant of Probate’.

A Grant of Probate is a legal document which declares that the Executor named on it is legally permitted to administer the estate of the deceased person in accordance with the terms of his or her Will. Simply, this means that they pay the debts of the deceased and distribute what remains as set out in the Will. The Grant will allow extraction of assets from lending institutions, and transfer of property in an Estate.

Intestacy is the legal term given to when someone dies without having made a Will. A partial intestacy arises where someone dies with a Will that does not dispose of all their assets. As per the Probate application, when seeking a Grant of Administration, an application is made to the District Probate Registry/ or the Probate Office.


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