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At Clarke Jeffers we place importance on providing commentary on topical issues and providing useful legal information, hints and tips when we can. Through our blog and Podcast series ‘The Firm’ we offer you unique and interesting insights into the Irish legal sector which could benefit you in a personal and professional light.

Clarke Jeffers were the First Irish law Firm to produce its own dedicated Podcast, demonstrating our commitment to being modern and progressive. We do more than just say this. We live it.

Commercial Solicitors Dublin Carlow Dundrum
Episode 7 Breaking 10
Episode 6 Inward Investment in Ireland
Episode 5 From Rudolph’s red nose to Ashley Madison​
Episode 4 Cyber Crime. The modern day boogieman
Episode 3 Franchising. Quick buck or hard slog? What you need to know
Episode 2 Should I stay or should I go now?
Episode 1 The companies Act 2014

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