Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Whether you are a large business, private company or sole trader, disputes in the commercial world are inevitable. At Clarke Jeffers we combine our expertise in business law, commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution to ensure clients receive a proactive, results-orientated and cost effective service.

We have an excellent track record of working through disputes via arbitration, mediation or negotiation to garner a productive outcome with minimum expense and fuss. When cases call for litigation in court we tackle such cases with vigour and expert knowledge. We have represented clients at every stage of the court system, including the Commercial Court, Court of Appeal and High Court and have earned a strong reputation for our steadfast and pragmatic approach to protecting the business and professional reputation of clients.

We act for a broad range of clients including, property developers, insurance companies, large multinational clients and local business. We never forget that every client has different needs and expectations and for this reason we design and implement a bespoke service to meet our client’s particular requirements.

“Commercial litigation is often about fiscal survival. If I could identify one mistake that clients make, it is watching the obstacle rather than the objective. It is our job to refocus this”

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Director, Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

  • Minority Shareholder Oppression

  • Contract Disputes

  • Commercial Landlord & Tenant Disputes

  • Breach Of Contract

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Injunctions

  • Product Liability

  • Business disputes


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Commercial litigation is any form of dispute which touches on a business relationship. For example, a business who breaches a commercial agreement or a sole trader whose negligence causes loss to its customer.  Other common forms of commercial disputes include breach of business agreements, product liability claims and commercial rent disputes.

No, if the dispute is of a commercial nature it doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a business. If you have grounds to sue a business for a breach of contract, individuals are entitled to enter into commercial litigation.

Depending on the type of case, commercial litigation may be dealt with in the District Court, Circuit Court, Commercial Court or High Court. Only if a dispute is in excess of €1 million and is urgent does it qualify for consideration in the commercial Court

At Clarke Jeffers & Co. Solicitors we always attempt to negotiate with the other side in order to save you the time and money associated with going to court. We can also use alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation to avoid costly litigation.


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