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Clarke Jeffers have provided specialist advice in the area of equestrian law for the past 70 years. Both partners have a strong equestrian background and both have represented Ireland at an international level on multiple occasions and across a variety of disciplines such as 3 day eventing, dressage and polo. It is this wealth of actual experience combined with expert knowledge of the law that has made the firm the leading provider of specialist advice in this area. Whether the issue is a technical injury to horse or rider, vice misrepresentation, disciplinary or rules infraction, the firm not only possesses expert legal knowledge but is equipped to understand the issues and terminology and react quickly.

Clarke Jeffers already act for equine enthusiasts, ranging from amateur or training level, right up to full international and Olympic level.

Whether the equestrian world is your hobby or profession we provide an understanding of the issues and effective options to deal with these. The firm represents individuals, clubs, societies and governing bodies in the field of equestrian law.

Specialist areas include:

  • Co-Ownership Agreements

  • Syndicate Agreements

  • Sale and Purchase Agreements

  • Equine Disputes

  • Equine Insurance disputes


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Yes. This agreement will set out the shares held by each person and the responsibilities of the owners. It will also deal with what is to happen to an individuals share should they wish to sell their shares.

The co-ownership agreement can set out the terms of what happens when you want to sell your shares. The agreement for example can state that you must first offer your shares to the other co-owners at a defined price.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves in a situation where they purchase a horse which is unsound. The options open to you are dispute resolution or litigation to seek damages for your loss.

To ensure that your interests are protected, we can review the syndicate agreement and provide you with advice on any further protections we feel you should include in the agreement.


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