“Proud of our heritage but firmly focused on the future”.

Established in Carlow in 1936 in the same month that the Modern Irish Constitution was brought into law.

Clarke Jeffers Carlow

Our office located at 30 Dublin Street Carlow and directly beside the impressive local Court House. The building, the former County Carlow public Library, was bought in 1998 and renovated into a purpose-built Legal practice building with solid steel safe vault room for the safe storage of Title Deeds and Wills.  The Firm may be expanding but it and its Partners will never forget their roots. Carlow is home and it is where the Firms heart is!

Clarke Jeffers Dublin

The Firms office at Eglinton Terrace, Dundrum, Dublin. In pursuance of the Firms expansion plans and as a consequence of its growing client base in Dublin, the building was purchased in 2019 and renovated in its entirety. The building is an old schoolhouse ideally situated in the modern and growing suburb of Dundrum. Linked by the M50 and Luas it is an ideal location for the Firm to service its expanding practice in the Capital.


Welcome to the Clarke Jeffers story. From the below you can see the evolution of Clarke Jeffers from 1938 through to the present day.

We hope you enjoy following our journey:



Arthur Jeffers opened a law Firm in Carlow town located at 15 Dublin Street and an office in Tullow, Co. Carlow.


William H. Clarke embarked on his legal career graduating with his primary degree from UCD and Masters Degree in Trinity Collage Dublin.


William H. Clarke joins Arthur Jeffers in 1976


William H Clarke becomes a Partner in the Firm and the new name is born, “Clarke Jeffers & Co.”


Arthur Jeffers retires from Practice. William Clarke becomes Managing partner.


Clarke Jeffers becomes one of the first Firms in Ireland to introduce computerised practice management software.


Victor Clarke joins the Firm as a junior Solicitor


In order to cope with its expanding client base, the Firm acquires a new building at 30 Dublin Street, Carlow. The building is the towns old Library and takes 1 ½ years to fully renovate. The buildings is set on three floors and measures 5,200 square foot.


The Firm moves from its offices at 15 Dublin Street to its new home at 30 Dublin Street Carlow.


William H Clarke retires from his position as managing Partner of the Firm and commences his position as Senior Consultant.


Victor Clarke, the son of William H. Clarke, took over the reigns of and becomes the Firms the Managing Partner.


William Clarke, the son of William H. Clarke joined the Firm as Partner.


Clarke Jeffers wins an Irish Law award - Provincial Law Firm of the Year.


Clarke Jeffers wins a back-to-back Irish Law Award – Leinster Law Firm of the year.


Victor Clarke is nominated as a finalist in the Irish Law Awards as Solicitor of the year.


In order to cater for the growing local client base, the Firm extends its office at 30 Dublin Street, into the Ravenscourt building next door. The move enhances the floor area of the building extending it to just shy of 9000 square feet equipped with new dedicated meeting rooms and Board room.


Due to the increasing demand and our high volume of clients outside of Carlow and our increasing presence in Dublin, we opened our first Dublin Office on Wilton Terrace, Dublin.


The Firm celebrates its 80th birthday and is proud to be one of the longest running Firms in Carlow. The Firm is once again nominated as a finalist in the Leinster Law Firm of the Year.


Our success and client base in the Capital continued to grow and grow which meant in 2019, we made the decision to purchase our own purpose-built office to accommodate for the expansion. The Taney building on Eglinton Terrace, Dundrum is purchased and work on its renovation and upgrading commences.


Our Managing Partner Victor Clarke wins the International Advisory Award for Commercial Law. The award recognises Victor’s exceptional contribution to the area of Commercial Law.


Renovation of the Firms Dublin office is completed and the next stage in the Firms evolution begins.


Clarke Jeffers become an LLP. The Firm continues to operate from their Carlow and Dublin Offices and are manged by Victor Clarke and William Clarke. They are proud to carry on the name and work envisioned by their father.


The Firm is first formed in 1938 by Arthur W Jeffers and opens with two locations in Carlow town and Tullow.  Arthur quickly established a reputation for results and becomes a trusted home for its local client base.

During Arthurs tenure as a sole practitioner the Firm saw some interesting Irish events unfold including the formation of the modern Irish Constitution, Law abolishing the Statutory functions of the British monarch, Irelands joining to the United Nations, British troops being deployed on the Streets of Northern Ireland and the formation of the Carlow Historical and Society in 1946  (meaning the Firm is older than the local historical society!)


William Clarke, a young Offaly man finishes his legal degree and gains employment with Arthur Jeffers.  William quickly establishes himself as the go to defence Solicitor for the Town and surrounding counties. His drive to help his clients often passed his drive to get paid!  William gained a strong reputation for being kind but effective at what he did.  Clients often joked that it wouldn’t be long until he was made Partner. How right they would turn out to be.

William Clarke is made partner and the Firms new name “Clarke Jeffers & Co” is born.  On the day that William is made partner Arthur Jeffers tells his colleagues in the local Legal community that he has made the best Solicitor he has ever seen his Partner.  His sentiments are echoed by a local Solicitor, Billy Duggan when he described William as “the kindest assassin he had ever met!”. Williams reputation in the area of defence litigation was the basis for his success. So much so that the ICI moved its Commercial Defence work for the local Braun plant from a large established Dublin Law Firm to Clarke Jeffers on the condition that William Clarke handled the cases personally.

In his time as Partner William and Arthur worked side by side in developing and growing the practice. It was an interesting time with such events happening as the introduction of VAT, the formation of the Anglo-Irish Agreement, and the highest interest rates ever seen on the Island of Ireland.

Arthur Jeffers retires from Practice after 45 years.  Arthur remains on as a consultant for a further 3 years.

In his time in the practice, he served the wider community with honesty, integrity and compassion. A very tall man at 6 foot 4 he could be imposing at first.  He was a huge asset to all his clients and a strong defender of public interest rights. Although the Firm was sad to lose him, the values which he instilled would remain cherished and the central pillar of the Firm.

William Clarke takes over as the Firms Managing Partner.

Clarke Jeffers embarks on a plan to evolve the way it does business and becomes one of the first Law Firms in Ireland to introduces a dedicated and computerised case management system called “The Practice”. In addition, the Firm becomes one of the first Law Firms outside of Dublin to issue mobile phones to its staff to better connect work within and outside the practice walls.

William Clarke always maintained “that you can’t do what you did yesterday and expect to get something new today”.  Hence his drive to have the Firm evolve and make use of all new available technologies.  Other Firms were not so forthcoming at the time (to trust new technology) and William saw this as a competitive advantage that he would obtain for his clients.

The Firm exchanged its first formal email regarding a clients ongoing case with AXA insurance company on Tuesday the 6 June 1995.

Victor Clarke, son of Managing Partner William Clarke, joins the practice and as he says himself, started learning from the master.  Victor immediately brought his love for Commercial and Corporate Law to the fore and commenced developing the business to business side of the practice.

The Firm moves from its birthplace at 15 Dublin Street to its new offices at 30 Dublin Street. The new building was the former County Public Library and was converted by William and Victor Clarke into a purpose-built building equipped with a steel strong room and a fully operational comms-room to help the Firm grow its technology ambitions.

The office sits across from the Carlow County Courthouse, which is one of the most impressive Court buildings in the County and is ideally located in the “Court place” area of Carlow town.

William Clarke, having served the Firm as managing partner for some 20 years, retires from Practice.  It is a sad day for the Firm but a happy day for William’s family who get to see more of their beloved husband and father.

William remains on as a consultant and assists the Firm with some of its largest “Celtic tiger” cases.  His knowledge of the obscure ends of the law was and is simply unrivalled. His kindness to his clients, colleagues and staff will always be hard to replicate.  He was the bridge between the old-world Firm of Arthur Jeffers and the more modern world to come. The fact that he managed to maintain the best aspects of both will be to his eternal credit.

In the same year, 2001, William is succeeded as Managing Partner by his son Victor Clarke.  Having learned from the master, Victor is determined to maintain the old-world values of the Firm while still evolving it and the way it serves its clients.  The application of technology and less complicated ways of finding solutions become the cornerstone of his new management position.

Victors brother William Clarke Jr joins the practice in 2010 and immediately brings an unparalleled knowledge of property law to the growing practice.

The combination of youth and decades of Firm experience starts to come to the fore with William growing an impressive commercial conveyancing and commercial property practice.  The Firm begins to deal with some of the largest commercial and international brands as clients.

Under the combine leadership of the two brothers Clarke Jeffers becomes nationally recognised as a growing strength. This leads to the Firm winning Irish Law awards in both 2014 and 2015 for best Leinster Law Firm.  It also sees, in 2016, the Managing Partner, Victor Clarke nominated as a finalist for the prestigious category of Solicitor of the year.

Due to the growth of the practice, the Firm extends its building at 30 Dublin Street, into the Ravenscourt building next door. The move enhances the floor area of the building extending it to just shy of 9000 square feet equipped with new dedicated meeting rooms and Board room.

The Firm opened its first office in Dublin in 2017 as a result of its growing client base in the capital. Wilton Terrace in Dublin 2 would be the chosen location and operations commenced in March 2017 mainly overseen by William Clarke.

The Firm celebrates its 80th birthday in 2018 making it older than VAT, the need for planning permission, the Companies Acts and most of the laws pertaining to business. The Firm was around for the birth of them all so you could say when it comes to modern legal knowledge that we have been in it since the start!

The success of the move to Dublin meant that the office on Wilton Terrace was not big enough and capacity was needed. As a result, the Partners acquired the old School house on Eglinton Terrace, Dundrum.  As soon as the sale completed the builders moved in and renovations commenced. The Partners designed the building to be modern and equipped to facilitate the Firms ever growing technology ambitions.

The buildings now perfectly fits with the culture of the Firm being old world, strong and traditional while also being modern and ideally located.

Victor Clarke wins the prestigious International advisory award for Commercial Law.  The award is in recognition of the powerhouse commercial practice developed over the past decade. The practice is focused on being modern. User friendly and super proactive.