Mortgage and Re-Mortgage

In the past, customers found it hard to change phone provider, or electricity supplier. Now, most customers understand that great value can be found in ‘shopping around’. This applies to your mortgage also. New customers are often given better mortgage rates, and substantial monies can be saved by changing your mortgage bank provider. That’s why at Clarke Jeffers we seek to minimise any stress by providing a fast and efficient service, with our client always at the forefront of our work. We are here to provide professional assistance in relation to any queries which you might have and also to ensure that the process completes swiftly and successfully.

“Too often, mortgaging and re mortgaging is seen as burdensome transaction. Its not. Substantial savings could be made by taking the time review your mortgage at least once a year.”

-William Clarke, Partner.

We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Mortgaging and re-mortgaging

  • Review of title documents

  • Offer letters

  • Dealing with queries from financial institutions


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Yes. It is strongly advised that you obtain legal advice prior to entering into any mortgage arrangements with a bank. In addition, the Solicitor will need to prepare legal documentation to give effect to the mortgage/ re-mortgage.

If you are mortgaging or re-mortgaging your property, the bank will retain your tile documents until the mortgage is repaid, the property sold, or where a further re-mortgage takes place.

Subject to bank rules, yes, mortgages are available for people intending to self-build subject to meeting the criteria of the lending institution. Additional documentation needs to be provided to the lending institution and we can help you through the process. It is also important to review the potential stamp duty reliefs attaching to such a build.

A Mortgage Deed is the document which acknowledges the debt owed to the lending institution who you borrowed money from to assist with the purchase or refinancing of the property.


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