Clarke Jeffers are proud of their long history in providing both landlords and tenants with advice and guidance in relation to leases. Leases can be lengthy documents and careful consideration needs to be given to the leasing terms.

While predicting the future is impossible our eighty years of experience in this area allows us to advise our clients of what is likely and crucially what they need to consider.  For landlords its all about protecting the value of their property. For tenants its about the best terms and ability to escape the lease if needed.  A proper leasing strategy needs to be formulated at the outset to make the foreseeable issues more manageable.

Whether you are leasing your property or whether you are entering into a lease Clarke Jeffers have the expertise and experience to ensure that your interests are protected.

“You can’t look into the future. All you can do is look behind and draw from experience. Our eighty years in the job equips us with this skill”

-William Clarke, Partner.

We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Drafting and negotiating of leases

  • Commercial Leases

  • Agriculture Leases

  • Residential Leases

  • Intellectual Property

  • Review of lease and licence agreements

  • Advice on practical issues which may arise

  • Review of Title documents

  • Dealing with lease disputes


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There are a number of reasons to put a formal agricultural lease in place. The main reason is that the rights and obligations of you and the tenant will be set out from the outset. A formal lease arrangement can also provide tax relief incentives. In addition, it may be suitable if your successors are not yet ready to farm the land should that be your goal.

Some people do enter leases for commercial premises without legal advice. However, the lease can contain a number of obligations and potential liabilities that you may be exposed to that you have not realised. That is why, we would advise that if you are entering into any legal lease to obtain legal advice. Our expert Solicitors can review the lease and provide advice in relation to any potential issues.

While the terms of the lease are usually binding necessity has become the mother of invention. There are a number of alternatives that you can put to a landlord for negotiation such as an extended lease in return for a period of rent reduction or the removal of a break clause again for an agreed period of rent reduction.

The first step is to always check what rights the lease gives you. You may have the right to assign the lease to another business, sublet the premises or give notice to the Landlord to bring the lease to an end. We will review the lease and provide you with the options open to you.


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