Sports Law

Over the last 25 years Clarke Jeffers have advised some of the leading sports people in the country from top amateurs to Olympians to professional international players. The firm has also represented both local and national sports clubs and organisations.

Both partners have both represented Ireland in equestrian sports, with Victor receiving a sports scholarship to South America in 1993 and William winning a world under 21 three day eventing gold medal. It is this mix of legal knowledge and actual understanding of the sports person’s mind that sets the firm apart in terms of the service it can offer. We understand that top sports people have to concentrate on their chosen field and therefore need people they can trust.

The firm also has extensive expertise and experience in acting for sporting clubs and organisations, both on a local and national level. We provide solid advice and strong representation to ensure that clubs and societies operate within the law while still dealing with and resolving issues.

Modern sport in general, be it amateur or professional, club or organisation, is more under scrutiny than ever before. With the advent of social media, issues are publicised on an even wider, faster and more damaging scale. The firm also specialises in Internet Law to ensure its sports clients have a full and complete representation.

The firm specialises in sports mediation to assist in all types of disputes or disciplinary matters. An expert understanding of the law combined with a strong working knowledge of sport can be utilised to bring such difficulties or disputes to a satisfactory conclusion in a private and confidential manner between the parties.

Clarke Jeffers specialise in alternative dispute resolution and in particular in sports mediation.

“Never forget, sport is the biggest business of them all. If your going to be in the game, your legal agreements need to be robust. Injury can’t always be avoided. A weakness in your contractual position however can be.”

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

Specialist areas include:


  • Formation and structure planning

  • Club funding

  • Drafting club rules and constitution

  • Charitable tax status applications

  • Disciplinary procedures and representation

  • Governance and compliance

  • Employment contracts

  • Licensing

  • Gaming and lotteries licensing

  • Sponsorship agreements

  • Capital grant applications

  • Health & Safety Issues (including personal injuries, third party claims, civil liability and duties of coaches & staff)

  • Child protection (ethics and code of conduct)

  • Advice on Child First Bill 2012


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For a sports person, the particular sports they are involved with is essentially their business. With any business you should have legal agreements in place so each individual is aware of their rights and responsibilities. If carefully drafted it can give protection against potential vulnerabilities that you may be exposed to in the future.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with sport club formations. We can meet with you to discuss your objectives and put a plan in place with a structure that best suits you and the Club needs.

Yes, we have a specialist panel of Solicitors who deal with representing Societies and Clubs when they are faced with litigation.

Yes. There are strict guidelines and rules under the legislation. As such, we can meet with you and guide you through the process in obtaining a licence. In addition, we provide advice in relation to the agreements that you should have in place to protect your business.


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