Corporate Finance

Quite frankly, finance is the life blood of all business and the fuel for every project.  Historically this finance would have only come from main stream banks but in more modern times, corporate finance for business and individual projects can be sourced from multiple points including banks, private equity, pension funds, peer to peer finance and crowd funding.  Whatever the source, having a Solicitor with the appropriate expertise and experience is vital. Clarke Jeffers have been operating in the corporate finance sphere for upward of 40 years and have acted for Banks, private companies, public companies and SMEs.

Our wealth of experience for both lenders, borrowers and investors adds real value to finance deals. In addition, we bring a commercial approach to such deals with a solution orientated mindset. In short, we are Lawyers who think like business people.  No jargon, no theories just results.

“Once you understand that finance is the life blood of a business then you can put yourself in the clients shoes.  That’s when things get done.”

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

Specialist areas include:

  • Property Finance

  • Security due diligence

  • Refinancing

  • Investment wrapping

  • Private Equity Finance agreements

  • Blended finance agreements

  • Syndicate Finance lending

  • Security due diligence and Reviews

  • Venture Capital lending and investment

  • Company share purchase and redemptions


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Business loans are usually provided on the basis of security or equity. Both of these require strong legal due diligence and also agreements that set out the terms and conditions of that loan. As with all commercial agreements the devil is usually the detail. Accordingly, strong legal advice and experience in this area provides the best protection.

Your solicitor is there to protect your interest and to ensure that you obtain your loan in the best possible legal terms. This is why experience in the area usually pays for itself.

While bank finance was and remains the traditional way of raising finance for a company there are new and more modern ways which over the last number of years have become far more accessible. These include private equity finance, pension investment, venture capital finance, blended finance and crowd funding. Before raising any finance for your business research should be done to ensure that you are obtaining money on not only the best commercial terms but the best fit for you.

Yes you can. This is sometimes referred to as blended finance. Commercial terms will need to be agreed between both parties and strong legal agreements need to be put in place to identify who holds security (if any).


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