If you have a business idea and are committed and excited about it then you are exactly the type of client, we love. Our team is equipped to provide quality and experienced advice on a wide range of issues facing start up business.  We are acutely aware of the daunting prospect in starting a new business and the necessity for strong support during and after the incubation period.

Our team has acted for a large array of start-up business and are delighted to say, some that have gone on to be recognised brands. We are also delighted to announce that we will soon be introducing a dedicated Start Up Hub specifically designed not only to support start up business but to help reduce costs and make support more accessible.

Our ethos at Clarke Jeffers over and above the law is that we are a business and to grow we need to think like a business.  We speak like business people and explain legal issues in a straightforward no jargon language.

“It is well accepted that you don’t have to do a lot right to succeed you just have to limit what you do wrong. Ensuring your business is properly set up from the start is the single best way of limiting those potential mistakes”

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

We advise clients in the following areas:

  • Franchising

  • Licensing and Liquor Law

  • Brand Protection

  • Planning Permission and Construction

  • Intellectual Property

  • Property Liability

  • Employment Law

  • EU & Competitors

  • Customs & Trade

  • Taxation


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The first thing you need to decide on it what you want to do with that idea. Do you want to sell it, or do you want to build it is a trading business? Once you understand how you would like to progress with the idea then obtain strong experienced advice about the various different ways that you can approach this.

In order to establish the best company type for your new business you will need to give some thought as to what that business does and what it ultimately wants to achieve. For example, some types of business (predominantly financial type businesses) are required under law to be a designated activity company. Careful consideration should therefore be given not only to what type might suit to what legal requirements might apply to your type of business.

Corporation tax is basically income tax for companies. Ireland has a very competitive rate which makes it the ideal place for a start-up business. Corporation tax on profits from trading income is fixed at 12.5% in Ireland. Nontrading revenue is taxed at 25%. (Subject to certain criteria being met start-ups may be exempt from corporation tax)

There are more ways of funding the start of business than just traditional bank finance. These include private equity, venture capital and crowdfunding.

Research and development (R&D) tax credits of 25% are available for qualifying R&D expenditure in Ireland.


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