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Clarke Jeffers are one of the country’s leading company and business law firms. We have over 40 years experience in advising sole traders, private companies and public companies across a range of sectors. We make it our business to understand yours and while it is an old cliché, we understand that in the business world, “time is money”. We pride ourselves on providing fast effective solutions and advice to our clients.

Success in the commercial world today is all about strong focus on your business and doing what you are good at. There are however a huge amount of technical and regulatory compliance issues to be dealt with on an ongoing basis. Clarke Jeffers represent a wide variety of businesses from small local retailers to large multinational chains. We provide technical assistance, strong industry experience and advice that allow our clients to focus on their strengths and still know that all of their legal issues are covered.

Acting for and representing a business, no matter what size they are, requires experience and specialist knowledge. At Clarke Jeffers we are committed to ongoing training to ensure that our solicitors are fully up to date on all aspects of company and business law. This commitment ensures that we can provide an advantage to our clients when called upon to do so.

Clarke Jeffers also specialise in inward investment. The firm represents a number of foreign multinational companies operating within the jurisdiction of Ireland. Our experience in this sector allows us to provide strong reliable advice to our clients. We are a full service law firm and offer our clients a complete range of representation.

“Good Lawyers should remove the worry, not add to it”

Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

Specialist Areas Include:

  • Company Formation

  • Commercial Agreements

  • Shareholders Agreements

  • Bank Facility Letters, Loan Agreements & Supporting Security

  • Commercial Borrowing

  • Property Liability

  • Warranties & Guarantees

  • Whitewash Procedure (Company Purchasing Its Own Shares)

  • Minority Shareholder Oppression

  • Equity Investments

  • Partnerships

  • Joint Ventures

  • Agency & Distribution Agreements

  • Business Sale & Transfer

  • Management Buy Out

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Employment Contracts & Share Option Schemes

  • Inward Investment (Multinational Set Up In Ireland)

  • Company Restoration

  • IDA and Leader Grant Applications

  • Transfer Of Undertakings

  • Strategic Advice On The New Companies Act


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Having good legal advice will reduce exposure to risk.  In addition, directors’ duties remain the same whether you are a director of a one-man start-up or multinational brand. If your business is going to grow, then you must understand the parameters in which you can legally operate.

Spending money on good legal advice and solid legal documentation will always be far cheaper than litigation. Spending money on legal advice is an investment into your business’s safety and well-being.

Regardless of your business size if it is important to you that needs to be protected. Arguably small business can withstand a lot less attrition and therefore avoiding it is always the best solution.

If you are a committed entrepreneur with a strong business idea, then check out our start-up hub. We are always ready to support committed talent. Talk to us today if you feel we can help.


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