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Every country has its own gambling laws. Ireland is no exception. In the last number of years, however, online gambling has exploded in popularity. Various international gambling sites operate in Ireland via the internet. Such sites are generally known as remote operators. The difficulty is that Irish registered bookmakers pay tax in Ireland whereas foreign based online sites, on a whole, do not. The Irish Government has now proposed to balance this situation with the introduction of the Betting (Amendment) Bill 2012. Under this proposed new law, stricter controls on licensing issues will apply to all remote sites with the District Court having the power to make any Order necessary to block a particular unlicensed site. This new reaching law will have a strong effect on all Internet Service Providers going forward.

Clarke Jeffers provide specialist advice relating to the new licensing laws and the impacts on Internet Service Providers. We are also in a position to advise on the obtaining of relevant licences and representation at any Court Hearing where site blocking is proposed.

At Clarke Jeffers we provide advice to Internet Service Providers, online gambling sites, Domestic Bookmakers and individuals.

“The last thing an online betting company should do is gamble on its own regulatory compliance.  That would be like betting on a horse because you like the jockey’s colours”

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

Specialist Areas include:

  • Online gaming & gambling

  • Gaming & leisure activities

  • Casino & poker operations

  • Pool betting

  • Court representation for legislative breaches

  • Remote bookmakers operation in the jurisdiction of Ireland

  • Licensing applications

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Sports betting and corruption

  • Advertising restrictions and sponsorship arrangements

  • Anti-money laundering issues

  • Intellectual property


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Examples include, Internet gaming, online gaming, I gaming, E gaming or wireless gaming.

If you are providing online gambling facilities whether directly or indirectly as an intermediary, you will require a licence to operate within the jurisdiction of Ireland.

In order to run a lottery in Ireland you require a specific lotteries licence.

Yes. A punter must be a minimum age of 18 years old

In Ireland the player isn’t taxed on their winnings but instead the bookie must pay 2% tax on all bets placed through their service with persons in the state. Commission charged by remote betting intermediary to persons in the state for using the facilities of that intermediary to make bets is charged at 25%.


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