Our Firm is always looking for future potential. It is that type of thinking that has seen us build our Firm. We are not looking for the typical book read candidate though. We are looking for smart people who can think laterally. Creative thinkers who can find a solution through both traditional and non-traditional methods.

We are looking for modern thinkers. Pro active doers. People who can communicate (this is different to just imparting knowledge and is what sets us apart for our clients).  Our Lawyers are leaders. We are never reactionary and always we set the pace.  Our ideal candidate has the poise of Harrison Ford and the creativity of Lady Gaga.

If you are such a candidate then let us know. Don’t just tell us, show us.

All the bulk in the world is no good if all you have is book read drones. One special person is better than a 100 suits.  At Clarke Jeffers we specialise in Special.”

-Victor Clarke, Managing Partner.

Characteristics we look for:

  • Independent

  • Creative and lateral thinker

  • Modern approach

  • Open minded

  • Pro active

  • Strategic

  • Capable of wowing us!

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