Whilst on first impressions it may appear odd that a firm of solicitors has produced a Guide To Opening Your Dream Coffee Shop, on the other hand, owing to our regular dealings with business owners opening new coffee shops, cafes and restaurants across the length and breadth of Ireland, we thought this would be a useful document for those interested in setting up a coffee shop of their own.

We would never profess to be experts in the actual running of a coffee shop per se, however, acting for Food & Beverage businesses such as Costa Coffee, KFC and Salad Box, never mind the many privately owned coffee shops we act for as well, we have a lot of insight and experience helping business owners to set their business up properly in the first instance and to protect it going forward.

For these reasons we have drafted this Guide To Opening Your Dream Coffee Shop in an attempt to assist those keen on following their dreams and setting up a coffee shop of their own. We hope you find it useful!

The guide deals with many topics, including:

  • The Dream
    The dream of opening a busy coffee shop
  • The Reality
    Business planning, positioning, the market, operations, marketing, financials 
  • The Basics
    The coffee, the equipment, servicing, training, financials
  • The Set Up
    Location, premises, fit out, health & safety, hygiene, staff and suppliers
  • The Opening
    Pre-launch, the launch, post-launch
  • Why You Need A Solicitor
    The false economy of leaving it too late to seek professional legal advice

If you would like to download a copy of this Guide, please click the link below and enter your email address so that we can send a copy to you. If you are currently well down the track and actively thinking about opening your new venture, please get in touch to book an appointment to discuss any concerns you may have.