Alternative Finance

When business owners think of raising money it is usually through the traditional method of the bank. It is no wonder that money stresses people! In a modern world there are many different ways of achieving the same objective. The world of alternative Finance offers many and varied solutions from private investment, peer-to-peer financing, venture capital, joint ventures etc. the list goes on.

What’s right for you will depend on multiple factors including your business type and ambition. Nonetheless and once you open your mind to the fact that money can come from other places outside of your local bank manager then possibilities will start to unfold. It’s all about survival and knowing your options is half the battle.

How Can Clarke Jeffers Help?

Alternative financing is not just for big business or start-up tech.  It’s further right business no matter what size. If you have a business and a plan but lack the knowledge or experience to examine possibilities other than traditional finance, then we are here to help. We have many years’ experience in dealing with peer-to-peer financing, joint ventures, private equity investment, private loans etc.   if you feel that you have exhausted the traditional routes but have the will to survive then come and talk to us.


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