Understanding the location of your business is crucial. This might sound like a very obvious comment however location doesn’t need to be just physical. Do you bring your business online and if so, do you bring it partly online and retain a physical presence or do you transfer completely online? Questions like this can’t be taken lightly and will depend largely on what your business model and overall strategy is.

How Can Clarke Jeffers Help?

If you decide to keep a physical location then our expertise in leasing, licensing purchasing and planning permission could prove to be invaluable. Understanding the best way of establishing your “bricks and mortar business” is just part of the issue. Whether you should establish that business as a sole trader, company or holding company is another essential component.

If you decide to move online (whether partly or wholly) you will need a whole new set of operating terms and conditions and you will need to understand a new set of rules and regulations.

Our extensive experience in retail can be brought to bear to help you understand what is required of you once your decision is made. Let us help you with that decision and let us help you find the best way of implementing it. Like everything in life there are a hundred ways of doing the same thing but only one of those ways will be the best. If you’re going to make a huge decision such as this then don’t leave getting it right to chance and come and talk to us.


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