Survival is the key to everything. You can have the best business plans in the world, the greatest ambition and the most enthusiasm but unless you can survive long enough to implement all of these traits then they are useless. Accordingly finding a way of surviving is one of the most important factors is a business owner can consider.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin

It is difficult to see the wood from the trees and sometimes even more difficult to make the hard but necessary decisions. But like many things in life there are many ways to “skin the cat”.  Questions like how you resize your business when you cannot afford to lay staff off, cannot afford to get out of a lease or cannot afford to repay debts are all very valid but not necessarily the end of the road regardless of the answer. The law in this country is actually set up to help struggling businesses survive in the companies act actually holds provision to protect vulnerable companies from creditors for a period of time so that they can get their feedback on the ground. All these options are out there but unless you know about them then you cannot avail of them. No-one wants to look back in years to come and think that they could have made it if they had only just asked for help.

How Can Clarke Jeffers Help?

We have extensive experience in business rescue and insolvency. We can identify opportunities to offload historical debt write-down creditors in a legal fashion. We can identify opportunities to break from leases without financial penalty. Most importantly we can outlay options to the business owner to help that business survive.

Over the past many decades, we have helped thousands of businesses turn around their solvency issues. Our knowledge of the available opportunities, laws and options has made us a key resource to SME businesses in Ireland. Let us bring our knowledge to bear on your survival issues. Two heads will always be better than one, particularly when one of those heads has decades of knowledge and experience!


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