What is your Business? What do you really do?

The first question to ask is what is your business and what do you actually do? Sound simple? Consider this.

The president of Black and Decker always asked his senior executives “What do we sell”. Almost always he got the same answer “Drills and power tools” to which he would reply No! We sell holes in walls”. Customers buy our product because that is what they need. A hole in the wall. Find better and easier ways for the customers to get that hole and we will continue being successful

What this story shows is that asking yourself the question and looking past the obvious can yield very important insight.

Questions to ask Yourself:

  • Ask yourself what it is you do.

  • Ask yourself, what do I think my customers think I do?

  • Understand that perception is reality. If your customer thinks something of you then this is all that counts.

  • What can you do to better meet your customer’s needs (think deep. Not the drill but to the hole in the wall)

  • What do I need to change to meet the real need of my customers?

  • What do I need to do to make that change?

How Can Clarke Jeffers Help?

We can help you re think what it is you need to become to meet your customer’s needs. This does not mean you need to change your business, just the way you approach it.

We can help you navigate all you need to do to become (Regulations, licences, rules and compliance) the better version of your business.

We bring eight decades of real-world experience to your process. We have seen what works and what does not. Our Experience and your sector knowledge

Most Importantly. We are here to help. Not tell you what you already know or what you can’t do. Always solutions driven.


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