Need for Change

There is no point changing for the sake of change but the old saying that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is madness, generally rings true.  Ask yourself if what you are doing at this time is bringing you the success you need.

If you think change is necessary, then the big question is “change to what?”. The real trick to survival is not so much changing but adopting.  Think about it I the context of your own business. If you sell sweets for a living, you don’t necessarily need to change that model to sell something else, but you will need to adopt to the current climate. For example, by going online.

So, think about it. If you have a business, then what does it do. Compare that with what people want and how they want it, and you should start to see the beginning of an adoption roadmap.  The more thought you put into this the more you can reveal about how things are changing. Nothing stays the same and, in these times, things evolve faster than ever. The business that ultimately survive are the ones that recognise the need to evolve in line with the world and more crucially, do a good job of doing just that.

Questions to ask Yourself:

  • Ask yourself what to change.

  • Ask yourself what do customers want.

  • Ask yourself how can you adapt.

What Can Clarke Jeffers Do For You?

We bring our decades of experience to help you plan how your business will evolve and what you will need to do this. For example, permits, licences, planning permissions, contracts, T&Cs etc.

It is sometimes necessary to clear historical problems before a business can successfully move on.  Business rescue and restructuring is one of our specialist areas of practice and we have helped hundreds of businesses over the years, rethink and restructure their positions.  If you feel that your business can adopt or evolve, and you would like help to give you the best chance possible then we would be delighted to meet you to see what we can do for you.


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