Your Business Model

You may not particularly like to admit it, but what exactly is your business model? A business model is how your business creates, generates and captures value.

It is how your business makes money  

Key Thinking:

  • How can I make the proposition better for the customer?

  • How can I make the proposition better than the competition offers?

  • Can I do it in several ways to create multiple ways of making money?

  • Does my current business model really maximise my potential?

  • Don’t just change for the sake of Change!

Examples of Adaption and Lack of It

Look at two huge companies that were billion-dollar companies. The problem was they didn’t change their business models in light of a changing consumer landscape. Blockbuster Video & Kodak.  Never heard of them? That’s because they are gone….

Argos introduced the catalogue and off-site storage so that it could have City centre outlets while minimising the square footage to be rented.


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