How, What & Why

The three most important questions to ask about your own business. It is crucial to be critical and constructively hard in your answers. Remember the old saying:

“He who asks a question revels himself to lack knowledge for just a moment. He who doesn’t ask a question lacks knowledge forever”.

The deeper you think about this the better insight you will get into your business. We are all working for so long and so hard that we can start to make assumptions about what we do, and you know what they say about assumptions….

Useful How, What & Why Questions:

  • How do I attract business?

  • How do customers hear or know about me?

  • How can I reach more potential customers?

  • How have things changed in my industry?

  • What have I been doing?

  • What do I need to do to survive?

  • What is my competition doing?

  • What do customers expect of me?

  • Why do my customers choose my business (or why have thy in the past)?

  • Why are my competitors growing faster than me?

  • Why am I limited in turnover / profit?

Main Questions to Ask Yourself

How have I been attracting customers in the past. How are things likely to change in my business post Covid? How do I best adopt to the coming changes?  Most importantly, how do my customers perceive my business. Most often, it will be a lot different than you do.

And most importantly, what exactly is it that my customers want?  Is it the product you sell, or is it the way you sell it? Is it partly customer service or is it just simply about price? All of these questions need to be analysed to really understand what it is that you need to do if you are to grow.

This is a crucial one. If you don’t understand why you do what you do then your customer will never know. Don’t just say “because you need money”. If that’s the case change business or get a job. Really ask yourself, what is it about your business that draws you to it. Why have you stuck at it?  Why do you think you do it differently or better than the completion? Then find a way of communicating this to your customers.

Most Importantly. We are here to help. Not tell you what you already know or what you can’t do. Always solutions driven.

Restructuring Law is there to help SME business to survive. It is there to protect livelihoods and jobs. Using it to your advantage is the smart thing to do. Its boxing clever not hard. Our decades of experience can help you navigate these opportunities and take maximum advantage of what is available.


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